The People’s National Party (PNP) repudiates the suggestion by Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Member of Parliament and Minister of Finance, Hon. Audley Shaw that PNP candidate for South East St Mary, Dr. Shane Alexis is not properly nominated.

For the record, Dr. Alexis was born in Canada, came home to Jamaica as a young child, and attended Sts. Peter and Paul Preparatory School and Campion College in Jamaica. He completed his undergraduate education in Jamaica and thereafter received a scholarship to study medicine in Cuba.

The Jamaican Constitution is clear that persons born in Commonwealth countries are eligible to sit in the Houses of Parliament.

After completing his medical training, Dr. Alexis returned to Jamaica and worked in several public medical institutions, including doing training and working at the Kingston Public Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children and the Annotto Bay Hospital.

In addition, Dr. Alexis has served as president of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association, and was appointed to the board of the National Health Fund (NHF) by the present JLP administration.

Having lived the majority of his life in Jamaica, Dr. Alexis is committed to service and the country’s development.

Shaw’s scare mongering is despicable and can only be viewed as a desperate attempt to distract the voters of South East St Mary.  Mr. Shaw knows very well that there are members of his own Party currently seated in the Houses of Parliament, who also hold Commonwealth citizenship. He should also be aware that former JLP leader and former Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Edward Seaga was not born in Jamaica.

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