Education Minister to Launch Initiative for Greater Access to Tertiary Education


Minister of Education, Youth and Information Senator Ruel Reid will on Thursday, January 25 launch the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean’s (UCC) Early College and Advanced Placement High School Programme.

This is aimed at promoting greater access to tertiary education, with the current level of access to tertiary training in Jamaica for the eligible age 18-30 cohort standing at an unacceptably low 20 percent.

Representatives of more than 50 high schools across the island are expected to attend Thursday’s launch, which will take place at UCC’s Worthington Avenue Campus in New Kingston.

The initiative, which is a partnership between UCC and the education ministry, will provide high school graduates who have the requisite qualification with access to either an accredited UCC associate degree or a proposed MOEYI occupational associate degree in their own school environment.  In addition, students entering grade 12 will have an opportunity to begin an early college programme similar to the model in the United States.

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