Grand Market Night! Less selfies taken as revelers fear phone thieves


Grand market night was filed with the usual excitement and thrill of young persons and the young at heart to travel to a major town square. Lights, action, and people, but not cameras! Due to the increase of phone thefts over the last three months, there was a reluctance of shoppers to film, snap or take selfies at the various town centers. This is sad because usually the social media would be awash with pictures and videos of crowds of people dancing and singing to the various sound systems.

As this reporter made requests for pictures to be posted to show the world our Grand Market night,  a good number of individuals responded with a few pictures and videos.  However,  a greater  number reported that they were fearful of losing their phones.  I do hope that the few that were received can help to bring Christmas cheer to our views of this page.

It is the hope that the situation in our country will improve significantly so that there can be an atmosphere of selfies and video takes can resume for the next calendar year. Below are video and photos capture at Grand Markets in Brown Town St. Ann and Balaclava, St. Elizabeth.

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  1. I was also one of the fearful shoppers as these smartphones are targets for robbers.

  2. This is such a very sad situation in our little island in the sun. Let us take heart though and not dwell on the negatives but use the positives we find to out do the negatives. Happy holidays everyone.

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