HEALTH Hazard! Brown’s Town lacks proper garbage collection site


The lack of proper garbage disposal area for commercial and residential use in Brown’s Town St. Ann is causing tremendous stress for one businesswoman in the town.

Wendy Harris, who owns a plaza Norman’s House in the town, said that the back of her building is being used as a dumping site by both residents and businesses.

On two occasions Jamaica News Hub visited the location where we saw a pile up of garbage covering half the width of Westly Crescent. The back of her building faces several other businesses including a food establishment.

Miss Harris said she was fined by the Health Authority then she constructed a deposit area, and that was when things got worst.

She said that she has spoken to representatives from the National Solid Waste Management Authority but it appears as if her cries have fallen on deaf ears.

The dumping of garbage at the back of her building not only poses a health problem but also a safety risk.

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