Opposition Spokesman on Works Seeks Answers from the Government


Opposition spokesman on Works Richard Azan, Member of Parliament North West Clarendon is asking the government to provide updates and answer questions regarding two major road projects.

One is taking place along the Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston and the other a Rural Roads Rehabilitation Programme Project between the Sour Sop Turn to Chapleton in North Central Clarendon.

The 11.5 kilometres Sour Sop Turn to Chapleton, Kuwaiti funded road rehabilitation programme is an 18-month project. The project which commenced in September 2014, was scheduled for completion in March 2016 at a cost of J$1.3 billion. Opposition spokesman Azan is asking the status of this project, which is now 12 months past the scheduled completion date.

Azan says the Project Manager must state whether all purchases for this project have been made in accordance with the conditions of the contract, as well as, the bill of quantities and whether all the necessary approvals were obtained for the cost of purchased/rented items. Of specific interest to him is the fill at Wood Hall. “It was anticipated that it would have taken 5 cubic metres of fill. What is the cost of this aspect of the project?”

The Opposition spokesman says the responsible Minister must state when the project is due for completion, the additional cost to taxpayers and whether the project is being reconfigured to facilitate the problems being faced by the contractor.

Regarding the Marcus Garvey Drive Road Project, Azan is asking if 30 storm water drains, kerbs and inlets are now being installed. “Were these 30 drains paid for in an earlier payment certificate? Were these certificates checked by the Project Manager or an officer assigned by him to do so?”

Azan says the Project Manager must indicate if there are other project items paid for previously that is now being implemented. According to Azan, the contractors must advise whether in the event of heavy rainfall flooding is likely along this section of the rehabilitated Marcus Garvey Drive road.

Spokesman Azan also wants to know the status of the programme to replace critical bridges and the Aqualta Vale to Broadgate Road Rehabilitation Project. Funding from China Exim Bank is in place. Despite this, these projects are 3 months behind schedule and questions why no work has commenced and whether the GoJ funding component is in place.

The Opposition Spokesman is calling on the Government to answer the questions relating to is “Bullo Wuk” $600 million di-bushing programme. Azan says projects of this magnitude must provide value for money.

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