PNP President Promises Renewal of Small Townships


Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips is calling for the speedy development of the Linstead commercial area – especially the Linstead Market – to attract more commercial activity to the major north St. Catherine Town.

The Opposition Leader, who was on a Listening Tour in the area, visited the market where vendors and shoppers alike engaged him on a range of issues affecting their communities.

Among the complaints is that business has slowed in the last 18 months with fewer persons shopping at the market. “We hungry”, one man in a green merino shouted to Dr. Phillips as he explained that “We need something to happen in Linstead Town.”  He told Dr. Phillips that the town needs to come back alive, people needs to return to shopping in the town in way it used to be not long ago.

Though happy to see the opposition leader, some vendors were in a somber mood as at midday many of them had not made a sale. “Bruk we ducks no?” As they appealed for sale of their wares. Dr. Phillips made a few purchases to jump start the day’s offing.

Dr. Phillips said there is the need to urgently develop the township, especially the market and put in place programmes to drive up the economy of the town. “The economic commission which was launched recently will be looking at modern ways in which to carry out business, which would affect the town,” he said.

The PNP president assured Linstead that the next PNP administration would put in place a formula to treat with the failing economy in the various townships across Jamaica.

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