Rename Junction road to Dr. Winston Green main road


Leader of the Opposition Dr. Peter Phillips says that main road in South East St. Mary that government is planning to repair ahead of the by-election should be renamed Dr. Winston Green main road.

Speaking at a rally at Enfield in the constituency on Friday October 6, Dr. Phillips says the late Dr. Green worked hard to get the Junction road repair.

“When it comes to road the PNP has a track record, you don’t have to go far from Enfield we just have to look at the Enfield Road part of the contribution and work of Dr. Green,” Dr. Phillips tells supporters.

He says the government signing of the contract for the repair of the road should have been done sooner, while Dr. Green was alive to see the fruit of his work.

Dr. Green died on August 14 this year after a brief bout of illness. He won the seat in the 2016 General Election winning the seat by 5 votes.

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