VIDEO: Mob severely beats would-be-thief in St. Elizabeth


A man is in hospital in stable condition after he was severely beaten by a mob in Darliston in St. Elizabeth some time after 10 this morning.

He remains unidentified.

The police say that the man was part of a group of men that attempted to carry a robbery in the town when he was attacked and beaten by the mob.

Jamaica News Hub understands that two men attempted to rob a gas station but an alarm was raised. The men attempted to flea on a motor bike but one fell off. He ran into a woman’s house where he was set upon and beaten.

WARNING: The video below depicts graphic violence. Not for the faint of hearts.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! I mean, robbing is bad and all but dang!

  2. Omg robbing is not right and beating something like that is not right one has the right to take the law in there hands

  3. Don’t waste medical treatment on this low life scum.

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